JEBCO Manufacturing’s quality laboratory is fully equipped to handle all our customer’s metrology needs. Prototype, PPAP, In-Process Monitoring and Final Dock Audits are all standard practice of the products we manufacture.

Our Quality Personnel are fully trained and qualified to maintain your required specifications throughout the product realization process. Statistical monitoring and continuous improvement programs ensure process variation is controlled and reduced to it’s lowest possible level.

With the use of data terminals at each machine we are able to monitor all processes and record live data, giving us early detection of potential issues and instant communication throughout the plant.

JEBCO uses some of the most advanced technology available, including in-house fatigue testing and automated optical inspection. Our automated robotic vision inspection system can verify dimensional and attribute characteristics with micron tolerancing!

Our Quality Goals keep us on the path to success through ongoing evaluation of Key Performance Indicators. These metrics drive our employees to continually improve our customer’s satisfaction along with our internal processes. Key Performance Indicators include:

  • Customer Notifications
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Parts Per Million (PPM)
  • Cost Of Poor Quality (COPQ)

9K Certificate (PDF) | IATF Certificate (PDF) | Supplier Quality Manual available upon request