JEBCO Manufacturing’s engineering department is available to assist you with all of your engineering needs. Our Advanced Product Quality Planning Team ensures a smooth transition through quote feasibility, design review, prototype, PPAP and production, making projects on time every time. We have dedicated, qualified and experienced staff utilizing professional design stations with the latest CAD software on the market.

Part drawings, forge, cast and extruded design blanks, full 3D model creation, specialized tooling, manual and automated fixture design and virtual machining are just some of our engineering capabilities. Taking your idea from concept to reality is quickly achieved with in-house rapid prototype / 3D printing capability.

Design verification, mock assemblies, and prototypes can all be completed in a shorter time with significant cost savings. File compatibility is never a problem as we are able to work with 3D model files and drawings from all global design software. Keeping current with the latest updates to our software through ongoing training ensures all new designs, retrofits and conversions are completed efficiently and effectively.