CNC Transfer Machines

Our CNC Rotary Transfer Machines utilize multiple workstations in both horizontal and vertical axis performing various operations simultaneously. With 4 axis machining, multi tool changers for each spindle and 360° full rotational self centering chucks, JEBCO Manufacturing has the fastest most flexible transfer machine in the world. We will supply your aluminum forged, cast, or extruded products to the tightest tolerances, competitively. Today’s Transfer Machines will outperform conventional CNC machining centres by up to 10 times standard rates making the product they produce globally competitive. Our Rotary Transfer Machine’s repeatability is remarkable, mainly because we can machine most parts in 1 chucking with complete 4 axis machining. Our Transfer Machine’s flexibility doesn’t stop there. With dual chip evacuation, visual robotic loading for repeatability as well as pit-stop set-up system, we have the ability to deliver your products quickly when you need them. JEBCO Manufacturing is committed to your needs and we will ensure they are met every time.

NEW!!! BTB 806

  • 6 station rotary transfer machine with 360 degree fully rotational chucks
  • 12 CNC spindles
  • 36 tools with tool monitoring and through spindle high pressure coolant
  • Robotic load/unload with vision system for precise part positioning
  • In-line parts washer/de-greasing

NEW!!! Riello TFL 400

  • The largest and most flexible Riello Transfer Machine in North America!!
  • 12 station flexible transfer machine with 360 degree fully rotational chucks
  • 21 CNC spindles
  • 53 tools with tool monitoring and through spindle high pressure coolant
  • 2 second table rotation, and 3 second chip to chip!!
  • 2 jaw chucks can be switched out for baseplates allowing the use of hydraulic fixtures
  • Robotic load/unload with vision system for precise part positioning
  • In-line parts washer/de-greasing

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BTB 535


  • 1 of a kind custom transfer machine!!
  • 8 stations rotary transfer with 360 degree fully rotational chucks
  • 19 CNC spindles
  • 52 tools with tool monitoring and through spindle high pressure coolant
  • Robotic load/unload with vision system for precise part positioning
  • In-line parts washer/de-greasing
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Riello Vertiflex

  • 6 station rotary Flexi-Center with 360 degree fully rotational chucks
  • 8 CNC spindles
  • 48 tool capacity using (8) 6 station turrets, chip to chip in under 3 seconds!
  • 2 jaw chucks can be switched out for baseplates allowing hydraulic fixtures to utilize the large machining envelope.

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Riello 57

  • 10 station rotary transfer machine
  • 19 CNC spindles
  • Through spindle high pressure coolant
  • Robotic load/unload with vision system for precise part positioning
  • In-line vibratory finish
  • In-line parts washer/de-greasing

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BTB 543

  • 8 station rotary transfer
  • Perfect for smaller parts and valves
  • Robotic loading/unloading
  • Inline vibratory finish
  • In-line parts washer/de-greasing

Automated Optical Inspection

  • Verifies dimensional and attribute characteristics
  • Micron tolerancing for positional and dimensional checks
  • Detects contaminants ie: chips, burrs, debris
  • Verified feature existence ie: threads, holes, ID.
  • Detects surface defects and staining

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Conventional Machining Centers

  • 4 newer Mori Seiki 5000 series horizontals
  • Various other machines